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26 Jul

Wrist Pain Related to Work Activities

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Working in an office environment has caused me to have intense wrist pain over the last several years. I just recently found out that it could be carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a common condition of people who are just like me. When you work on a computer and your hands are repetitively making the same motion repeatedly, this can lead to major health issues. I talked to my employer about the issues I was having, and they referred me to a chiropractor in Sacramento who would be able to help. I was very happy that the chiropractor was located near work, because it would be convenient for me to go there at any point during the day.

When I went to the chiropractor, I explained what was happening and why I thought I was having really bad wrist pain. I told my chiropractor that I felt numbness and tingling throughout the day, and sharp pains in my wrists at other times. My chiropractor told me that the symptoms I was experiencing sounded like they were related to carpal tunnel syndrome. I thought that maybe she would do something to treat my wrists directly, but she told me that the best way to move forward would be to adjust my neck or back in order to affect the nerves that are in my rest. This is a really interesting concept to me. I decided to trust the process and move forward.

After short period of time, the just that. With over and I was sent home. Almost immediately I noticed that my wrists were feeling better. The sharp pain that I had experienced earlier in the day was not as intense. I felt such relief, because this pain is the bothering me for so long. I’m scheduled to go back next week in order to have another adjustment and a follow-up appointment. I can’t wait to share this news with my chiropractor.

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