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10 Sep

We Just Got to Aspen

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How Annie arranged this I am not really quite sure, but she is a very clever girl and she has a lot of connections. Some of them have something to do with the making of films, although I can not exactly explain how that works. One of her clients is financing movies as a hobby and he rented one of these luxury rentals for Aspen for himself and a large group of people. We got included for some reason, although I could not say that I knew why. At any rate we just went to the movie that he financed, although to be honest we snuck out and went hiking before it was half over. It was what you might call an art film I suppose. It was pretty artistic I guess, but it was also boring. I did not say a word, but Annie jabbed me with her elbow and we slipped away to go up in the mountains. We were not too far out from the town, but we ran into a fairly large herd of elk. I got a bunch of great photos.

I was disappointed that I did not have a fishing rod with me when we came across this stream up there. I could see a large number of trout in the water, in fact I was wondering if I could have scooped them out of the water. So I took my socks and shoes off and rolled up my pants, but these fish were not waiting around for me to grab hold of them. Annie laughed at me and then she tried it herself and came pretty close to getting one of them, but when she touched the thing it starts flopping around like crazy and there was no way that she was going to hold onto it.

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