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05 Jan

We Had No Trouble Picking This Apartment in Alamo Heights

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I like a nice clean place to live. My wife and I are not clean freaks, but we do like things in order. We like our place to always be ready to receive guests without feeling the need to apologize for any clutter. We chose from apartments in Alamo Heights a place where we could have a nice apartment and nice surroundings outside. It does not matter how clean you keep your place if the apartment complex is not kept up. We liked this place because the landscaping and everything was in really good order.

We picked the Niche Apartments because they fit our lifestyle. We have a dog that really enjoys the dog park. We enjoy swimming in the nice pool. Our apartment is just the right size. We like the black refrigerator and dishwasher and the granite countertops. It is also really nice to finally have washer and dryer hookups in the apartment. I never want to have to go anywhere to do laundry again. This one thing makes our apartment feel more like home than a lot of the other things that are nice touches. I guess it is because of how much I despise using a laundromat or laundry rooms. I don’t want to wash my underwear in a washer that other people are washing their underwear in. How about you?

We have been enjoying our new apartment here. The apartments at Alamo Heights have really big closets and hardwood floors. Those are two things you do not usually find in many apartments. One of the best amenities, as far as I am concerned, is having a fireplace in our apartment. That would have been unheard of just a few years ago. It is a nice cozy touch, and my wife and I use it a lot.

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