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23 May

We Got to Nevada Last Week

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The drive up here took the two of us around five and a half hours, but obviously Jack is not really afraid of getting a speeding ticket and he would have lost his license for sure if they had caught him a few times. Obviously you are driving down a freeway in the desert and if you are driving at night you can really find places where there is not anyone to interfere. The work up here is going to last at least half a year, so we searched for apartments for rent in Las Vegas before we left Texas. We found a place that fit our needs and it turned out to be a lot better than we expected it to be. When we got there it was hard to miss the fact that there were several dozen really good looking women laying around at the apartment’s pool when we got there. One of them offered us a couple of cold beers and neither of us turned her down.

It turned out that the place was home to a lot of the girls that work in the casinos and clubs of Las Vegas. Of course nearly all of them work nights it would seem, so during the day there is always a lot of them laying in the sun. We got to know quite a few of them and we were certainly open to knowing more of them. It was too bad that we were here to work, because we have been doing six days a week and usually we are working around ten hours per day. Since the work is outdoors, we are getting out of bed before it is daylight and we are trying to get as much done as possible before it gets way too hot for it.

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