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19 Sep

Today We Have More Help Than Ever

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When my dad became an engineer, he said that there was a lot of guess work that came with designing structures. He said that they needed to be as sure as possible that their designs were structurally sound, but it was also a risk because they didn’t have the resources that we have now to do that work for us. I was reading through the Tekla Structure Modeling tutorial last night and thinking about all of the things that it does for me as an engineer. I can’t imagine living in a time where you can only be 99% sure that our designs are safe and will be productive.

I think that humans today are becoming smarter and smarter. Some media outlets have written articles that try to point out that because of computers, the intellect of the average person is becoming less smart as a result Well, that may be true when it comes to the average person today no longer knowing the phone numbers of their family members because their phone or computer records that information, I don’t believe it overall. Even when you use software to help you out with creating something, there’s a continued learning that comes with that. You cannot build buildings that won’t crumble without knowledge to do that on your own. The software that I use just helps to make the process of figuring out certain things much more easily now.

Dad is the one who got me interested in engineering in the first place. I used to go down to the basement where he sat at his table coming up with all sorts of creations. He is the person who came up with the design for the bridge in our city as well as a variety of buildings. We live where hurricanes are prevalent and all of those structures are still holding up well.

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