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31 Jan

The Many Branches of Physics You Can Learn

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The study of physics includes things such as atoms, but it also includes learning the mechanics of things. For example, think of how a lever works. There is that saying how you can lift the world with a big enough lever. However, some students cannot even begin to grasp how a lever or block and tackle work. This are real-world applications for physics that can be used in all kinds of careers. We helped our kids by getting them tutoring from Tony Chee at https://physicstuitionsg.com. They wanted to improve their grades before we even mentioned it.

Things like radiation and magnetism are also part of physics. I fascinated both of our kids and my wife by showing them how a magnet interacts with a copper pipe. When that round magnet fell slowly through a piece of copper pipe, I could see the amazement in their eyes. I learned that it has to do with the flow of electrons in the copper, since copper is actually not magnetic. This induced in them a desire to understand what was going on. There are all kinds of tricks you can do in physics to generate an interest in students to pursue it more.

My wife and I find ourselves looking at things online about physics now that our kids are learning things from their tutor. I am really interested in magnetism. I wish we spent more time on this when I was taking physics courses in school. However, there is just so much to learn that you need to probably specialize after you graduate to learn more of any particular branch of physics. I could spend a lifetime just studying magnetism and have a great time doing it. I think there are tons of opportunities to work in different areas of physics, so learning as much as you can seems smart.

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