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26 May

The Fire Let Me off Easy

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An unfortunate accident caused me to lose my old apartment. Someone was cooking food late at night and fell asleep while the stove was still on. I woke up because I wanted to get a soda from the vending machine in the hallway. That’s when I noticed the smoke and headed downstairs. The fire made it’s way to my apartment and burned some of it, but not my items. I moved my belonging back into my parents house and began looking for some 89129 apartments. I was lucky that things didn’t turn out as bad for me as they did for some other people living in the apartments.

I narrowed my searches down with the help of my parents and we went on a tour of a couple. This was kind of like taking a trip down memory lane, because my parents helped me find my first apartment. I had just gotten out of college and was in a hurry to find a place to live. My parents told me not to rush so much, because if I did, I would end up living in a place that I didn’t like and would regret it. Their advice was pretty useful and I found a great place, that is, until the fire happened.

After touring, I did some more thinking and settled on a good place. It has a more luxurious feel than my old apartment, which is a plus in my book. It also has access to a swimming pool, which I think is one of the greatest things ever. I love to swimming all year long, but I have having to go to the pools at the YMCA because they are so far away and they’re usually full of little kids who are decked out in water wings and flippers.

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