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25 Sep

Teaching Canaries to Sing Songs from the Wild

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We have several different birds. The macaw makes a lot of noise with her songs. She will even say words. It cracks everyone up. It is amazing how she can mimic my voice and inflection so precisely. I have said the same phrases over and over probably thousands of times. She is still picking up on new ones. She is a very smart bird. Our canaries would not start singing, so we found a canary songs CD online. It was what was needed to get them singing like they were in a band.

The wild songs of the canaries are on a couple of different CDs. They can play for over an hour before repeating. We just play the CDs over the stereo when we are at work, and also sometimes in the evening before it gets dark. Since birds do not sing at night, we shut it off during the late dusk period where the light is waning. Though the CDs are recorded, you still need to mimic what is natural to the birds. Even if they have been raised in captivity, they are still mostly wild.

The female macaw likes to play games with us. We get her out of her cage and she plays games with us on the table. She is so smart. The canaries are smart too. They are really picking up on new songs from the CDs. They seem to be a lot more happy and livelier now too. Maybe the chance of hearing more of their relatives making noise is what was needed to bring them out of their quiet slump. They are doing quite well with their birdie singing lessons. Listening to their wild cousins over the stereo has really encouraged them to sing more on their own. Now they get started before daybreak.

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