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14 Aug

Switching Energy Companies to Save Money

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Every now and again, I will look at my bills to see if I can get a better deal elsewhere. Sometimes I can, and sometimes I can’t. It’s because of those times that I can that I continue to do it though, and I have saved money on car insurance, home insurance, cell phone rates and my TV programming as a result. One place I had never thought to look though was my energy provider. When my neighbor told me she had found a great resource to check out the competing energy companies and ended up getting on a better plan, I was definitely interested in finding out more information on it for myself too.

She told me the website she went to, and I was really impressed with the layout. Everything was extremely organized on the site so I was able to see the different companies that service my area along with important information about each one. For example, Just Energy is one of the companies that I could have chosen from. This site had all of their plans listed such as the Texas Advantage 6 which is a six month program and the Texas Essentials 12 which is a program that is for one entire year.

It also had the terms of service as well as information about each company, including how much it cost for each kWh of energy. There was even contact information there so I could call someone if I had additional questions. I did not need to do that though because of the wealth of information that was available. I looked at each link so I could learn more about each company, and it was easy enough for me to see which one would be best suited for my energy needs. The best part is that I am saving money because of the switch!

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