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24 Nov

Spring Cleaning is My Favorite Time of Year

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One of my favorite times of all is spring. I know others like it because it means the weather gets a bit better and the world gets a lot more colorful. I like those things too, but they are not why this is my favorite time of the year. It is because that is when I do my spring cleaning in Singapore. I admit that I shop way too much, and I usually end up putting things I barely use in my closets. I have tried to stop my impulse shopping, but it is hard. It also means that my closets and cupboards rarely get a good cleaning.

I have made it a habit to do my spring cleaning every single year, and I go through everything in my condo. I figure if I have not used something, then I can donate it to a local charity store. It is silly to let things collect dust in my closets when someone else can use them. This also gives me a chance to have my closets cleaned out, my cupboards shined, and so much more. Rather than just save this time for my closets and cupboards, it is a good time for me to just get everything done as far as cleaning goes.

That is why I use a cleaning company that actually has a spring cleaning package. They help not just with the cleaning but with the sorting out of everything in my closets too. After I empty the closets in all of the rooms in the condo, they give them a deep cleaning. They also do my carpets and bathrooms, which I really appreciate. I do pay for all of this to be done, but it is money well spent. It also frees up a lot of space for me to start filling up my closets again!

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