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13 Aug

So How Do Figure out Which Power Company to Use?

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I never had to think about this until my company transferred me to our Dallas Ft Worth office, but down here they let you pick your own power company. Of course you have to figure out which options are available, you can go to this web page, energyproviderstexas.com and plug in your location. It will tell you which power companies are available in your location. I never had to think about it before and honestly it does not seem as though there is going to be so much difference in price from one to the next. You can be sure that if the one of them cut their prices the others would match it more or less. At least they would match that price cut in any area where they needed to do it. It is obvious that if one were a lot cheaper than the other then they could run the others out of that part of the state of Texas.

So how do figure out which power company to use? I would guess that reliablity and the ability to react to problems in the service would be the best criteria. There is not going to be any difference in the power that you get from any of them and it does not seem likely that any of them are going to cost much less than the others. Perhaps they might be able to fix stuff faster, but I have no clue how you find out which one is going to be able to do that and which one is not going to be able to cut it. It seems as though that would be the big thing to know all the same. It is obvious that you would want your power back on after a hurricane or a storm.

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