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01 Dec

Rocking the Curls for As Long As I Can

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My stylist told me a long time ago that I have 4C hair. I did not know what that meant. She said it meant type 4 curly hair. That is hair that has tight curls in every strand. I like how it hangs in front of my forehead just slightly close to my eyes. It frames my face perfectly. My husband tells me it really makes me look young. He said maybe too young because of the one time a coworker thought he was my dad. I still get a kick out of that. The thing he doesn’t know now is that the look is partly due to getting hair weaves.

Back when I first learned that I have 4C hair, I needed to keep it cut back and thinned out. My youth gave me a head full of thick and curly hair to work with. I was a stylist’s dream. No need to compensate for lack of hair. Now that it is a few years later and after three kids, I need the help of some natural hair in my hair type to weave in. I still have some tight curls hang down in front, and it still makes me look young.

I might not be able to pull of this hairstyle in a decade, but I am liking it right now. My hair looks shiny and full. It has a real healthy look to it that everyone sees. Unless you wear a hat, you cannot cover up what your hair looks like. We can wear bulky clothes to cover a bulge, or a high collar to cover some saggy skin. Your hair is pretty much out there for everyone to see. Even if you are working in Antarctica, sooner or later you will take the hood off indoors. Might as well take advantage of a good 4C hair weave to keep me looking young.

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