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10 May

Problems at the Last Minute

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Last week was a close call for me, as I had to get an emergency HVAC repair in New York. I planned to host a party in my home, and invited some friends over. Just a day before the party, my air conditioner stopped working. I tried everything I could to get it working again, buy my efforts were in vain. Not wanting to waste anymore time on it, I started looking for a repair company that could come to my home and fix the air conditioner before the party. Luckily I was able to find a company that had an opening.

I was hoping that the problem with my air conditioner was nothing too serious. I didn’t really have the money to dedicate for a full air conditioner replacement, nor did I have the time. Fortunately, the only problem with the HVAC was a blown motor, which the repair company was able to replace with a new part that they supplied. It was a quick fix that didn’t cost a lot to perform. For a while, things were going well for me and my party, but I ran into another problem that would affect my ability to prepare food for the party.

My stove began to malfunction the day before the party. First the eyes on the top of the stove wouldn’t heat up, and then the oven wouldn’t heat either. Rather than trying to call someone to repair it or trying to shop for a new stove at an appliance store, I simply bought a cheap toaster oven and a gas camping stove. I had already purchased food for the party, so I couldn’t exactly go for delivery over cooking food. The camping stove and toaster oven worked well and my party was a success, despite the hurdles that came before it.

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