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11 Jan

My Fridge Stopped Working for Me

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When something is wrong in my home, I have a Sacramento HVAC company that I typically call. They handle a lot more than just air conditioners and furnace repairs. They also handle large appliance repairs such as a stove, fridge, dishwasher, washer and dryer, and more. This company can also tackle any plumbing or electrical issues, and they also repair pools and spas then they go on the fritz. It is really nice having a company that can handle so many different things, because when something does go wrong, they are usually able to handle it.

When my fridge stopped working a few weeks ago, I prayed that I would not need to replace it. I could handle a repair bill a lot better than I could handle replacing the entire thing. The ironic thing is that my extended warranty had just expired about a month prior to it not working. I decided to call the company that fixed my furnace a couple of years prior to this, because I figured if anyone could fix it, it would be them. I was especially glad when they were able to come out that morning, because I was worried I was going to lose everything in my fridge if it was not fixed soon.

I had just went shopping the day before, so my fridge was pretty packed. I did take some things out like fruit and butter, which gave the repairman more room to figure out what was going on inside it. It turned out that it just needed one part, and he actually had that part with him on his truck. It did not take him long to replace it, and the bill was even lower than I expected, especially with having a new part put on it. It’s not wonder these are my go-to guys when something goes wrong!

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