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16 Mar

Moving into an Apartment This Month

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I was excited to look at luxury apartments in Stone Oak because that meant my wedding day was getting closer. My fiance had proposed to me before he was deployed, and he just came back for good about a month ago. We have already spent too much time being engaged, so we wanted to get things moving as quickly as possible. He has already been hired on at a San Antonio business, and I work as a dental technician, so I wanted to find a place that is close enough for both of us to get to work without a long travel time involved.

I had already been thinking about the Regency at Lookout Canyon apartments on their website, and I already knew I wanted to live there. I wanted us to go look at it in person though, so we scheduled a tour for the same week that we called. We were able to look at all of the features like the clubhouse, the fitness center, the picnic areas and the swimming pool, along with other features that just make this a really great place to call home.

After, we were able to tour three different units. I wanted to look at one, two and three bedroom units, mostly because we were hoping to start a family right away. I knew it would be really nice to already be in an apartment that is big enough when the time comes, rather than having to move to a bigger one. We both really liked the three bedroom unit, mainly because we could use one room as the guest room until we turn it into a nursery, and the other room as a home office base. We filled out an application that day, and we are so happy that we are going to move in within the month!

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