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20 Aug

Living in DC is Pretty Amazing

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As soon as I saw Westbrooke Place, I knew I wanted to live there. I also knew that I wanted to have a studio apartment because there would never be anyone in there but myself. The one that I ended up getting is so nice that it is hard to believe that it is mine. I got the biggest one, which is 642 square feet. I know that sounds like a big one bedroom or small two bedroom apartment, but it is actually a studio apartment. It is just jam packed with all the right things that make it so desirable.

When you walk in the door, the bathroom is to the right. It is pretty compact, but that is okay because who really spends a lot of time in the bathroom other than a teenage girl? Right outside the bathroom is a washer and dryer, and a linen closet is next to that. Opposite the washer and dryer is a large walk in closet that has plenty of storage for things other than my clothes and shoes. To the left of the entry door is the kitchen, which is rather large. It has everything I need in there, which is more than enough since I usually order out.

Going down a small hallway between the kitchen and bath is the main living area. My bed is on the right, there is a dining room table to the left of that, and a small living room to the right. Everything is partitioned off with my decor, but I am still able to see the TV from my bed, dining room table or the couch, which is the main reason why I enjoy this layout so much. The best part though is the balcony that I have, which is where I sit most evenings just to relax and watch the city at its finest hours.

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