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20 Aug

I Will Be Living in an Impressive Place That Gives Me a Full, Close-Up View of Beauty

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I left work on a Friday night and raced home so that I can get packed for the next day. I was going to fly to another city so that I can try to find a new apartment over the weekend. I just live one state away, but the beach life is what I wanted. There is no water near where I was living, and I missed it a lot. I knew exactly what type of place I was looking for, and I found it in the Treasures on the Bay Apartments that I took a look at on Sunday. I had seen lots of places that I had an interest in, but this was the first place that I knew I wanted to move into for sure.

It seemed that a lot of the places I looked at were a drive away from the beach. I can’t complain about that in any way because I knew that it would not be too big of a deal to hop in the car to drive about 10 minutes to get to the water. On Sunday, I concentrated more on a finding a place right on the beach itself. I didn’t want to see the water through my apartment windows from miles away, I wanted to be able to simply open the curtains and see it right outside my unit. I wanted to have 2nd story apartment so that I would be looking down at the water. I wanted to be close enough to hear the ocean waves.

Treasures on the Bay Apartments is the first place that I found that is located next to the water and is highly affordable. I was really impressed during the tour. I walked in to see that the balcony wall is made of plexiglass. I sat down on the couch and was stunned that I could see the water down below without even having to stand up. I went into one of the bedrooms and laid down and was stunned to see that I could actually lay down in bed and see the waves while lying down, too.

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