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10 Jun

I Need to Get on the Transplant List

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If you have not ever been on dialysis, then you really do not know what an inconvenience it is and how much of a pain it is. For me there is a really bad side effect in the cramping, because I do that really badly any time that I do not really control my fluid intake. If I can keep my weight gain around three kgs, then I am usually okay. Anything more than that and I am really in trouble. I have been working up for the kidney transplant list and I need a dentist for Denver CO that is going to be willing to accept Medicare. You have to get a clean bill of health on the teeth because of the drugs that they are going to put you on after the transplant. There is a lot of really scary downsides to this thing and It is that simple to be truthful. You have to have drugs that are going to suppress your immune system and keep it from attacking the new kidney. The only way you could avoid that is to have one from an identical twin, which is not an option for most people. Gingivitis probably would not kill you, but you would likely lose every tooth in your mouth.

In fact the truth is that there are a lot more people who need kidneys than there are people who want to give them away. I have read some things that made me wonder if you really should give one away, but people do it because of the goodness of their hearts. In fact the likelihood is that a lot of the people on the transplant list are never going to get a real kidney. In about five years they claim that they may be able to make them however.

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