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09 Nov

I Loved Being in Charge of Entertainment

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I am just going to be honest. All of the parties I have been to, whether at my current company or the few I worked at prior to coming here, have been pretty boring. My colleagues and I go, we eat a basic meal, we listen to a few speeches, and hopefully get out with enough time to still have a bit of fun somewhere else. That is why I was really excited when my boss asked me to help liven things up. I did a search for product launch entertainment and that is how I found Chosen Events.

I had known companies like this existed, but I thought it was on a much smaller scale. We are on the outskirts of the city, which is probably why I had never been to a party where entertainers from Chosen Events was present. I was able to watch a video on their website, and I was hooked as soon as I saw it. I saw that there are entertainers for all ages. While this is an adult only party, they do have entertainers for young children as well as teens too.

They have jugglers, performers who have fire in their act, dancers who are nothing short of amazing, cabaret shows, rock and roll tribute bands, and many other acts. I wanted something that would entertain everyone so I decided to go with smaller acts rather than just one main show. I thought everyone would enjoy the different main shows, but I was not sure everyone would like the same kind of music. Instead, I hired magicians, face painters, illustrators who make pictures of the guests, and a photo booth. I also had a DJ who plays all different genres, and the party was over way too quickly for the first time ever because everyone was having so much fun.

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