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20 Aug

I Have Really Enjoyed Playing the Clarinet

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DJANGO REINHARDT | THE GYPSY GODFATHER OF HOT JAZZ GUITAR « The ... When I was young, I always wanted to play an instrument of some sort. My oldest brother played the viola, as did my mother, and my youngest brother played the guitar. Playing a string instrument was never something that appealed to me, though. The summer I was going into junior high, I decided to join our school band. Problem was, I had to find an instrument I wanted to play, teach myself the basics and be prepared for the first day of class. After much consideration I decided on playing the Clarinet.

No one in my family had ever played one so I knew I was in for a long summer. My mom bought me some of those music books that teach you notes and how to read music. I had never read music a day in my life so this greatly increased my work load. I worked all summer and nailed it. When we went to the first day of school, we all had to play a solo and determine what chair we were going to be. There were 13 clarinet players and I was 2nd chair! I had only been playing for two and a half months and I made second chair. From that moment on, I knew I had made the right choice. There are not many well known clarinet players out there and it is sad, really. They are such a beautiful instrument and sound great in almost any genre of music. I always got great enjoyment out of playing it and wish I had not stopped so long ago. Woodwinds have since been the category of my choice when it comes to musical instruments. They sound so smooth and so calming. I can always relax when I hear a flute or a clarinet being played. It is literally music to my ears.

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