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05 Jan

I Had to Fix the Bad Decisions I Made During College

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Sometimes it can be hard to know when you need to give up and try something else to fix a situation, especially when your pride is involved. A Sacramento bankruptcy attorney helped me to understand what the best thing for my situation would be. I was not doing a very good job of figuring out on my own previously. I needed the guidance from someone who knew what they were talking about. The way that I had been running my life previously had put me in financial ruin, and I needed a helping hand to get out of that position.

I can’t blame anyone other than myself. I was given credit cards by a variety of different companies when I was in college. The very first day during my freshman year there were several different credit card companies who had set up booths on campus. They promised credit cards. I thought I would get one at the most with a low balance. But they gave me thousands of dollars worth of credit. I went to the next booth and applied for another one and received thousands more. I did this at 4 different booths. I knew for a fact that my parents had trouble getting credit, and I really didn’t understand why they were so willing to offer it so freely to someone like me. I soon learned why. College students often have parents who will pay their bills, and these companies are relying on that.

My parents were already doing what they could to put me through school and that already stretched them thin. So, I used my cards for just about any and everything. I had to get a job to help pay it back, but when I lost my job, there was no one paying for my bills. I had to declare bankruptcy so that I could stop the madness before it went any further.

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