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30 Nov

I Finally Had My First Manicure and Pedicure Here

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When I got my mail a few weeks ago, there was an advertisement in it for a nail salon. I had been thinking about getting a manicure in Singapore since I have not had a professional one in years, and this was the motivation I needed to go ahead and have it done. This is one of those things that I kept putting off until I had more time, but I found out that free time can be very elusive so I decided to stop putting things off, including the manicure. I called and booked an appointment for my next day off as soon as I saw it in the mail.

The only reason I had called right away is because I was already familiar with the nail salon. I had never been there, but I had done my homework since I had been planning on going one day. I looked at the different salons that were either close to my home or close to where I work, since either location would be okay with me. This is one that I really liked because of the different nail designs I saw on their site of pictures, plus they have a lot of information on their website too.

I saw the reviews by people who were happy with their nails after having them done here, so I felt very comfortable going there for my own nails. I was even considering getting a pedicure because I saw some really cute nail pics for those too. That is something I had never done before, but I was feeling adventurous when I placed the call for my appointment so I had them book me an appointment for both services. I am so glad they sent the advert because I may still have been putting it off. Now that I know how nice they can make my nails look, I am not going to miss another appointment there!

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