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22 Aug

I Am Moving from the Dorms

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I am getting ready to move out of the dorms here on campus, but I have to plan it all out pretty well and the obvious thing is that I need to pick a good roommate to split the cost of rent and utilities. Obviously the apartments in Tucker GA that I am looking for would be best if it were as close to the campus as possible, although I want it to also be near the restaurant where I work. In fact I got really lucky when I found this job. Normally waiting tables would not be a very good job and if you are talking about the pay check, this job is not good at all. I suppose that most people know that waiters and waitresses make most of their money off of tips. In fact you can make pretty good money if you are working at a place like this one. It is very expensive restaurant and I have been really lucky in that I have been able to learn all that I need to know about the menu and the wine list. Personally I never really tasted wine before I got here, but in this job you need to know about the stuff.

That is one of the big things that you can earn tips off. If the patron pays you ten or fifteen percent on a check where a bottle of wine can cost a couple hundred dollars. Of course I never tell people to buy the most expensive wine, because I figure that would be a bad idea. I tell them that we have excellent wines at (relatively) reasonable prices. At any rate you can easily run up a bill of three hundred dollars if you have a date here. When you serve large parties that can easily run several thousand dollars.

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