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16 Jun

I Am Excited About Moving

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My sister knew that I was not looking forward to looking at houses or apartments in South Charlotte, which is where my husband will be working in less than six months. She, on the other hand, loves looking at things like that. She asked me if she could start looking and send me anything promising, and I eagerly told her yes! It was the same day when she sent me the link for http://www.tindallparkapartments.com, and I could see why she wanted me to move on it so quickly.

The apartment complex is not open yet, but it will be by the time we move there. With how nice it is, we knew that if we did not move on this quickly, that we would miss out on the perfect opportunity. My sister actually got a laugh out of this, because she had never seen me so excited about an apartment before. This is not like any apartment I have ever seen though. The interior is nothing short of amazing. It has the best kitchen ever, which was hugely appealing to me since I love to cook and entertain. That was just the beginning of all the nice things about this apartment for me though.

It is located in a very nice area of town. I do not have to go far in any direction to get to anything I want. There is even a place on their website where they show everything that is within a close radius, and it is more than I could have hoped for. It has a state of the art fitness center, and a clubhouse, and so much more. We are not moving up there yet, but we have already started the process of making one of these apartments ours. I am more excited than ever about moving!

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