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05 Apr

Helping Mom and Dad to Not Worry About My Baby Sister out Living on Her Own

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My sister was pressured by our parents to move close to my wife and I. She has been on her own for a couple of years. She went to college back where we grew up, and she lived at home with Mom and Dad. I helped her get a job in a division of the company I work for, so she had to move to Georgia. Mom and Dad told her to look for an apartment for McDonough GA to be close to Steve. That’s me. The older brother. My sister is tough and fully capable of taking care of herself. She is an expert martial artist and can handle weapons better than many police officers and soldiers I have met. However, that is their little girl. You know, the baby of the family. The rest of us five siblings are boys. I am just a year older than Trish, but I’m a guy, so that makes me able to watch out for her in their minds. I think it is the other way around. The girl has her head screwed on straight, and I can be stupid at times. Just ask my wife.

Anyway, we did find her an nice apartment at the Crossings at McDonough. They have a fitness studio that is just what my sister wanted. She gets up at five every morning to work out. She is fit, and I’m kind of pudgy. I got muscle, but I got a nice layer of fat on top of it. My wife told me I need to drive over to Trish’s apartment and let her train me. I told her I am not getting up at five in the morning unless it is an emergency. I work second shift, and that time of the morning is for sleeping! Anyway, my sister’s apartment is really nice. She has a laundry room in her apartment. Mom and Dad are happy about that as they did not want her going to any laundromats or having to go to any laundry rooms hidden away in a basement. My sister and I laugh. We know they love us, and we would not want to do anything to make them worry.

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