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04 Feb

Having My Apartment Professionally Cleaned

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I was looking for a place to stay for a while. I did not want to buy a condo like so many of my friends were doing, mainly because I was single. I have a few friends who had a one bedroom condo, got married and had kids, then had to buy a new condo. I just did not want that hassle, so I looked for an apartment. When I found one, I then contacted a company that does move in cleaning for Singapore residents because while I had the time to clean, I did not have the desire to do it myself.

I don’t mind cleaning once I am living somewhere, but I did not want to do that initial cleaning to make sure the place was sanitized and spotless. I wanted the entire place cleaned. The first apartment I had moved into was not professionally cleaned, and I regretted that pretty fast. I ended up having to hire someone to come do it, and I knew then that I would always have whatever place I move into professionally cleaned even before I move one piece of furniture in.

I was able to get a company to come out and do the entire apartment for me. The cost was worth it for me because I knew that they did an in depth job of cleaning. Everything was done from the cupboards in the kitchen to the vents in the bathroom. The walls were wiped down, the windows were cleaned, and there was not a surface anywhere that was not cleaned. When I moved in there, I knew that I was going to be happy there. Now I just have to wait until I find the woman of my dreams so I can finally buy the condo that I will end up living in the rest of my life.

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