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12 Mar

Getting Our Son Professional Youth Strength and Agility Training to Master a Skill He Wanted to Acquire

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Our son started jogging before he was a teenager. No one was sure why. He said he wanted to increase his lung capacity and cardio endurance to be able to run up this big hill on our property. I was about a 200 foot vertical ascent up a very steep incline. It was probably the steepest angle you could walk up without needing the assistance of a rope. It was covered in grasses and some small trees, but if you fell, it could hurt. Watching him run up was scary and encouraging. We got him youth speed and agility training to advance that natural skill he had.

I watched him run up that hill and almost make it to the top before he lost his footing and started to tumble down. I would actually reach out as if I could do something to arrest his fall. He never broke anything falling, but he did have plenty of cuts and bruises trying to master that climb. The first time he made it was like him winning an Olympic event. Then it got easier and easier for him to run that hill. He started taking different paths up to make it more challenging. This encouraged me because he was following natural patterns for motivation. He was successful at one approach to that hill, so he tried to do better by attacking it in different ways to still be able to succeed. This demonstrated to me that he had what it takes to succeed in anything he put his mind to.

The youth speed and agility training got him interested in sports, but he had that thing for climbing. He started rock climbing. He was interested in it and a bit impatient to get started. We insisted he have professional training. Now I watch him climb and be able to pull up his entire body weight with one hand. I told our son that he should consider participating in those so-called “ninja” competitions when he gets older. We started building a training center in our converted barn after we started watching competitions on TV. I have never seen a young man so physically strong and able to keep going when others would be suffering from severe muscle fatigue.

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