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14 Aug

Franchising is a Great Oppurtunity

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There are thousands and thousands of companies in the world, and it is really weird to see them almost everywhere. When you think of a type of store usually one specific brand comes to mind. That is because they set up franchises all over the country and world to make sure that their name is out there. It is one of the best business moves that a company can make. If you own a business and someone comes up to you and talks about franchising you need to jump on board. That is how you become a millionaire with hundreds of different stores in your name. I know that it’s not the easiest thing in the world ot do, it will take a lot of work to get it going but once you do the money will just roll in. I mean what can be better than people paying you just to use the company name. After you get going you can even sell your store.

That’s the real end goal if you ask me. Being able to sell the original store and live solely off of the franchising costs is about the best thing that anyone could want. I mean you are no longer in charge of it, you don’t have to worry about anything you just go in and collect the check every month. That is what I strive to be able to do one day but unfortunately nobody has asked me to franchise yet, but I believe that if I keep pushing my brand out there it will definitely spread. I currently have ten stores all owned by me and I’m doing ok, but I just wish that someone would come and put some in a few more cities for me. I don’t have time to run this many stores.

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