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20 Aug

Does Anyone Have Experience Playing the Gutjo?

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Django Reinhardt Gypsy UK CD ALBUM (442937)I became interested in acquiring a gutjo after reading that Django Reinhardt had been a gutjo player before the caravan fire which nearly killed him at the age of 18 (if I recall correctly at least). It is my understanding that if you can play a guitar you should be to play a gutjo, apparently because they are strung in the same manner. I know that the lead singer of the Old Crow Medicine Show plays a gutjo as well and from listening very carefully I believe that I can tell the difference between the sound of his instrument and that of a banjo. I have no interest in learning the banjo, that is too complicated for me to learn at my advanced age. However I would love to find a relatively inexpensive gutjo that I could play around with.

The music shops in this area seem to have no real idea where to find one and in fact they usually think that you are pulling their leg. I had no idea what it was until a few months ago and if I have ever seen one I did not realize it. Obviously you would mistake a gutjo for a banjo unless you were paying attention to the details and then you might assume that it was a custom made 6 string banjo. I am looking for more information on the topic. Mostly I would like to know where I could purchase one, perhaps from the manufacturer if that is necessary. Then I would like to find out if there is any difference in the picking of a gutjo and the picking of a guitar. Obviously I might also need help with tuning one and I wonder if a banjo player would be able to teach me how. I am really looking forward to the answers.

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