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11 Jul

We Are Way Behind at Work

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Of course I am on salary and it does not mean too much to me so far as money goes, although the work I do not do today still has to get done and they do not care if I have to work late or come in on the weekend. That is what it is when you are salary. The guys in the shop got sent home because we had to call in some guys to do Essex county hydro jetting services as all of the sewers were clogged up. We fired this guy the other day and I sort of believe that he did something to get back at us. It would not be that big of a surprise, a lot of the guys in the shop were talking about this guy being the sort that could easily flip out and do all sorts of crazy things. That happens so much that we sort of made preparations.

At any rate we are going to work a night shift, which is not that bad of a thing for us. When it gets really hot the guys would rather go in early, before the sun even comes up. The guys will punch in at 4 AM and work until noon, by which time it is already broiling hot in the shop. Of course it is hot in the shop all of the time, in the winter time they will sometimes open up the loading dock doors to let the cold air. So when it is in the 90′s in the summer you know those guys would just as soon not hang around. The older guys seem to have it the worst, but it does not seem as though we can hold onto a lot of the older workers unless they are carrying a clipboard.

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