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02 Aug

Relax and Unwind with Television

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The starhub box was just what I was looking for. My little brother was getting married and I was in charge of his bachelor party. I wanted to have like a huge guys night out , but in my house so that if anyone decided to drink a little too much they would not have to drive home and put themselves and others in danger. But that meant I need to have a Awesome new media sound in my den. I had regular cable but I was looking for something more specific to the moment and that offered many different ideas for the guest of honor to chose from. I didn’t just want to order stuff over pay per view.Going online to find all the information I would need was not that easy, well not as easy as I would have thought. There were places that you could buy or rent equipment for your television, but I didn’t really trust most of them not to catfish me or possibly just steal my credit information and run. In this day and age you can’t be too careful; your credit is your life. Read more…

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