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12 Jan

A Quick Cure for Tennis Elbow

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I visited a chiropractor in Mesa AZ after noticing I was having issues with my elbow while playing tennis. I guess it’s probably as much to do with my age as something wrong with my playing form. I’ve played tennis for decades and have very good form so I’m thinking it’s got something to do with my age. After you hit sixty you notice all sorts of weird aches and pains that weren’t there during your younger years. I figured I’d sprained my elbow and the pain would eventually subside. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Apparently it was tennis elbow. My doctor deduced as much and his recommendation was to slowly get out of playing tennis lest something more serious occur. That was news I wasn’t willing to accept. Tennis is my only form of exercise and I love the game. I had resigned myself to just playing through the pain and taking the risk of something more serious when my wife suggested we find a good chiropractor and see what they could do. I thought this was a dandy idea even though I’d never seen a chiropractor in my life. But who knows? Maybe they could help.

So we found a clinic and made an appointment. The chiropractor said they often dealt with all sorts of sports injuries and that tennis elbow was easily fixable with various adjustment techniques. The clinic also suggested a few supplements that might help the injury heal faster. I was skeptical about the vitamins, but agreed to take them. No one was more surprised than I was when the elbow problem rapidly went away. I was amazed that my doctor had no substantive suggestions to fix this problem other than quitting tennis. Just goes to show you that modern doctors don’t know everything about medicine!

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